On the mend.

On the mend.
Stomach problems suck. Seriously. Yesterday was my worst day yet; I stayed home and basically spent the whole day on the couch in agony. I couldn’t even sleep from the pain. (Didn’t Kurt Cobain suffer from chronic stomach problems?) I went to bed expecting to feel the same today… but instead I woke up rested and nearly pain-free. I think my purple pills have finally started to kick in! I feel like I’m operating at about 90% (instead of the 50% I’ve been at for the past month). It makes such a difference.

Later: Okay, I’ve faded a bit. Maybe at 80% now. I’m really, really craving a Diet Coke but I know it’ll make it worse. (I’ve been on the wagon for 72 hours.)


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  1. RT- that stinks. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Uccch, I’m not much better today. This sucks.

  3. Have you gone to the doctor? Could it be a peptic ulcer?

  4. That’s the next level. If the Nexxium doesn’t make me feel better by Monday, they start me on antiobiotics for the ulcer bacteria…

  5. it was disocered by two aussie scientists, you know. They got the Nobel Prize last year.

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