Can you guess who was more industrious this weekend, me or the cat?

Pumpkin Bread   Cat Nap

That was my first attempt at making pumpkin bread (in the bread machine, of course). It’s nice! We were out of ground cumin so I put in some of Herbie’s Mexican Chili Powder, which works well. It’s a very pretty and healthy-looking loaf of bread. And then there’s the cat, snoozing on her favourite chair under the dining room table. Little slacker. Of course, neither of us came close to the slacking levels of the Snook, who discovered World of Warcraft. Pray for me.


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  1. You so totally have to visit us when you’re in Melbourne. The Snook and Mr C will get on like a house on fire…

  2. I was just about to e-mail you! We’re flying in Friday morning. So far the only thing we have booked is Flower Drum for lunch on Saturday. Dinner on Friday night?

  3. I’m not going to say anything about Warcraft if you don’t say anything about model trains….

  4. Yes, but you must understand that she was
    so busy to play with that lovely toy you
    left to her. Now you must compensate your
    bad words to her.

  5. Hehe.. I looked at the first picture and thought, “What’s Kris and Rodd doing with a crib. She ain’t pregnant is she?” Couldn’t figure out what was in it though so laughed when I noticed it was about bread.

  6. You thought it was a crib with a giant loaf of bread in it??

  7. what’s world of warcraft? can I play him on line? maybe you should check with amy before answering…

  8. It’s Dungeons and Dragons, basically. With pictures. And you play online and chat with other people and go on raids and kill pigs and stuff. (At least, that’s what Snookums has done so far.) Kmart has a CD with a free two week trial.

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