BoobiesI’d just like to state that I had nothing – NOTHING! – to do with the nipples blatantly visible in the new Tapestry Craft window display. Thank you.

Updated: I took a picture. See? Nips. Psychedelic pink nips.


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  1. what nipples?

  2. photo evidence

  3. I’ll have to take a picture tomorrow. There wasn’t enough light tonight when I left.

  4. whee – guess where i’m heading at lunch….

  5. I just asked Joseph about it, and he seemed surprised that I found it so shocking. I’ll admit that you can walk right by without noticing (mostly because the colours are so weird), but if you stop and look, her boobs are clearly hanging out. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with that… but it’s not exactly an image people would associate with our shop. Snookums was like, “Is it a classical image, like a statue?” Nuh-uh. It’s total 70’s softcore erotica. “It’s something your Grandpa would’ve put in the pool room,” I said.

  6. You’d have to do the nipples in a kreinik blending filament.

  7. I think it’s cool, actually.

  8. wha? I like it….

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