Another interesting one from AskMetaFilter: What would women wear if men didn’t exist? I disagree with the commenter who was insulted at the assumption that all women dress for men. I think it’s quite obvious that we do. Even if you honestly, truly don’t care what the world thinks of you, every bit of clothing you own is part of a fashion culture designed by (mostly) men for hundreds of years. Just try to find a pair of women’s jeans that don’t emphasize your bum or your hips, I dare you! So yeah, if all the men disappeared tomorrow I’d live in my sweatpants and T-shirts… but if they never existed in the first place? Who knows what we’d be running around in. (Sports bras. Definitely sports bras.)

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  1. That works for the straight community – but about butch/femme lesbians?… Dont get me started on butches who lurve girls in frou-frou and sexy clothes hehehehehe….

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