I need a cigarette (smoker).
Any unembarrassed Sydney smokers willing to do a little media whoring for me? Stupid publicist wants to run a piece in the SMH about this “Knit & Quit” class we’re running, and they want to have a picture of the class… before it actually runs. So we need a smoker willing to fake wanting to learn to knit for a photo shoot. (I told her I knew plenty of knitters willing to lie in print, but she shot that down.) I honestly don’t know any smokers anymore; they’ve all moved to London. (Seriously.) It would likely involve coming down to the shop in the next day or two for a picture, and possibly giving a quote with your name. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


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  1. As a former journalist, it kinda grosses me out that they want to stage this. It’s wrong on a professional level and you shouldn’t let them do it.

  2. I don’t think they’d classify it as journalism, Brittanie. 🙂

    But they just rang me and it sounds like they’ve found a smoker who doesn’t knit who’s willing to pose for a picture. They may want a few more knitters just to fill in the background. Any knitters able to drop by after work tomorrow night?

  3. Just a thought, there are several smokers at the Courthouse mob. Have you asked on their email list?

  4. Great idea. I’ll fire one off tonight.

  5. Grrr. The annoyance continues. The SMH only wants to talk to actual smokers. Isn’t this a Catch-22? I have to actually find smokers so we can get publicity to actually find smokers. It’s idiotic.

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