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Oh good grief. My little blurb in the Fashion Police section in the SMH is up, and I sound like a lunatic:

Forget acupuncture, hypnotism and patches – they’re so five minutes ago when it comes to quitting smoking therapies. Craft enthusiast Kris Howard is calling all smokers to enrol in her very worthy Knit and Quit classes. An AA-style support group, it enables smokers to learn a new skill while sharing their trials of giving up nicotine. “Once you get into a rhythm your brain zones out and focuses on the here and now,” says Howard, who asks only that participants, just like the lightbulb, want to change. Classes are free with materials supplied by Patons so there’s no excuse. From August 9 for four consecutive weeks. 6pm-7.30pm, Tapestry Craft, 50 York Street, city, 92998588,

Okay, first off, I told her that it was definitely NOT an “AA-style” support group. We’re not gonna make anybody stand up and identify as a smoker, and there are no steps or reliance on Jesus or anything. It’s just a knitting group. And secondly, this makes it sound like the whole thing was my idea. Lady, a MARKETER came up with this. I’m just teaching the class. And lastly, out of everything I said to her, that’s the bit she chose to quote? I sound like a stoner.


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  1. ROFL!!! Can’t never trust a shopping reporter.

  2. “just like the lightbulb?” terrible! Your quote isn’t TOO bad, though. Don’t sweat it. Although it definitely sounds like the whole thing is your brainchild.

  3. Man, that just irks me when people twist around words to make the quote sound like a message that was never given.

  4. For the record, I never said ANYTHING about a lightbulb. 🙂

  5. Saw the mention in the SMH, and did a little solo mexican-wave for you. What a great idea!

    I’m watching the streaming cast of the knit-in at the mo’ – keeping an eye out for you and Amy.

  6. What are you doing watching us? I thought you were flying off to the US?! But anyway I’m not there anymore. I had to head off for actual *work*. *sigh* I was conspicuously the only person there leaving at 9:00. Everybody else was either retired or had the day off, I think.

  7. Your quote isn’t bad at all, and it doesn’t sound like she’s implying that you said the lightbulb thing. But stuff like this makes you wonder how much of what you read in the media is just completely made up by a writer who wasn’t paying attention during the interview.

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