Save the 3801

Save the 3801!
I was stopped on my way to work this morning by a very cute guy in blue coveralls handing out brochures in front of Town Hall. (Normally I try to avoid the chuggers, but like I said, he was cute.) I read the brochure as I waited for the lights to change. “What?! They’re shutting down the 3801?!” The 3801 is the awesome old steam train we took on our trip to Hogsmeade, and I was really hoping to do it again for the next Harry Potter book. This is an outrage! I am drafting letters to my local representative, the Minister for Transport, and everybody else I can think of. SAVE THE 3801! I MUST HAVE ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO DRESS UP LIKE A WIZARD!

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  1. WHAT?!?!?! Rob will be devastated…

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