Day Five

Of interest to some: This is my fifth day of being Diet Coke-free! I’ve switched over to sparkling mineral water, which seems to help with my craving for something fizzy without all the added sugar and crap. I also feel like I’m getting some improvement with my stomach situation. Yay!


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  1. I didn’t think Diet Coke had any sugar… I’ve been trying to quit Coke (regular) for what feels like ever. It’s really hard to find sugar-free drinks in Korea.

  2. Well done! Squeeze in some citrus when you’re needing some flavor to go with the fizz. 🙂

  3. No, you’re right Brittanie, no sugar in DC. I just meant that most of the fizzy drinks available seem to have sugar in them. I’m thinking I may try some Diet Ginger Ale next. That shouldn’t be too bad.

    Funny thing about the sugar though. I can distinctly remember the first time I had carbonated mineral water. It was in high school when I was on a study trip to Germany, and I’d been to a Bryan Adams concert (shut up!) all day with my host sister. And we were hot and parched and all her dad had in the car was fizzy water, and I remember thinking that it was the worst tasting crap I’d ever drank in my life. Of course, I used to think the same thing about diet pop. Once I made the switch and got used to it though, I noticed that regular Coke tasted way too syrupy and sweet. Now the mineral water tastes good to me. It’s like I’m training myself to go down a sweetness level each time. It can be done! 🙂

  4. Bryan Adams, eh? I don’t ever want to hear you make fun of my hubby’s hobbies ever again.

    Well done on the Diet Coke thing, I know when I mostly gave up pop I dropped like 5 pounds and I’m pretty sure it’s water retention from all the sodium.

  5. I drink diet when I can find it simply because I crave that “sweet” taste, even if it’s not actually sugar. Hell, aspartame (sp?) will probably kill me faster. But other than that it’s water and green tea, which there’s plenty of here. Kudos to you though. Maybe I’ll start some sorta counter on my site: “Days I’ve gone without Coca Cola.”

  6. Yeah. Even in 1994 I thought Bryan Adams was a little uncool. But my host family bought the tickets… and it turned out to ROCK. Bryan Adams is right up there with David Hasselhoff in Deutschland. they friggin’ LOVE him. And consequently, the show kicked ass! You gotta love it when he hauls random Germans out of the crowd to lurch their way through a verse of “Summer of ’69”.

  7. You are so right. I moved into a building five years ago with a soda machine and I attribute a 35lb weight gain to it (well, that and grad school.) Stupid thing is, it was all so unnecessary since what i was craving wasn’t the sugar but the fizziness. What is so good about it, I wonder? Damn I love it! Drinking soda water has got me off the sugar, but it doesn’t work for the booze – what a shame, could be another 20lbs! Good work Kris!

  8. Were you drinking diet pop, Amy? I’m trying to figure out if I can actually expect to lose anything by giving it up. I know giving up full sugar Coke can make a huge difference, but I sorta thought Diet Coke wouldn’t have much effect.

    As for the booze, Rachel, just get yourself an ulcer! I haven’t had any since Rodd’s birthday two weeks ago. 🙁

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