City 2 Surf Finish

The City 2 Surf Results are in! Our times got bumped down 8 minutes and 44 seconds (to account for the staggered start), which put the Snook at 108:24 and me at 108:25. Of course, according to my stopwatch it took us nearly four minutes to get up to the starting line from the back of our pack, so I still maintain we really did it in 105. The great news is, we also met our goal of finishing in the top half! Of the 53,669 who finished (Where did 10,000 people go? Seriously.), the Snook placed 24,571st and I placed 24,578th. (Because of the bunching.) Go us!


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  1. I reckon a few of those people stopped at The Golden Sheaf and other pubs… I saw people with there race numbers on their chests and beers in their hands in the pub as I walked past. Maybe others got to Campbell Parade in Bondi and stopped there, who knows.

    I was tempted to stop at the iPod shop in Paddington where they had so many ads for discounted iPods…

  2. You want one? I’m selling mine. Practically brand new… 20GB fourth-gen. Got it as a replacement in January and have used it maybe six times since then. (I prefer my Shuffle.) $200 and it’s yours! 🙂

  3. Snook Dogg told me about it and I considered it seriously but I’ve since decided on going the whole hog with a new one – mainly because I’m going to need one that stores and displays digital photos… Sorry. I am, however, putting the word out for you so I’ll let you know if I find anyone interested!

  4. Please do. And if you end up going to an AppleCentre, I’ll throw out a recommendation for the one in North Sydney. My friend Lara works there and they’re the only AppleCentre I’ve been to in Sydney that didn’t screw me over! (They’re really nice, too.)

  5. Congrtulations yourselves! from another runner at the back of the back of the pack… 🙂

  6. I can’t tell you how proud (and envious!) I am of you guys!

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