Finish Line

Okay, so supposedly you can watch footage of me and the Snook crossing the finish line at the City 2 Surf, but I can’t spot us anywhere in that crowd. Snookums was wearing a light blue shirt and I had a white sleeveless one with navy around the top, and we’re both wearing black shorts and red caps. I think they may have messed up the time on the videos and they’re showing the footage from our adjusted time as opposed to our real one.

Update: I found us! They did screw up the times. You can see us on this guy’s video. We’re visible on camera 1 and camera 2. We cross the line about ten seconds after it starts playing, just to the right (as you’re looking at it) of the central pillar. Snookums is also carrying a vest, if that helps you spot him. From camera 2 you can just see us raising our arms before we get to the line. You can also clearly see Snookums bopping through with all the energy in the world, whereas I pretty clearly collapse into a walk as soon as I’m over. 🙂

Update Again: Looks like they’ve fixed it! You can see us on our proper link now. (Although I noted that they did not publish my comment on the official City 2 Surf Blog where I called them out for the bug!)


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  1. thanks for the red cap tip :p

  2. Well, dude, like half the people aren’t wearing them! I only mentioned it because I found myself wasting time by scrutizing people without them.

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