I hate Mondays.
Customer: “I’d like to exchange these knitting needles. They’re too big.”
Me: “I’m sorry; we can’t exchange needles if you’ve used them.”
Customer: “I haven’t used them.”
Me: “Then how do you know they’re too big?”
Customer: “Well, I knitted a tension swatch.”
Me: “Yeah. I can’t exchange them once you’ve used them.”

Sometimes it’s like I’m speaking a foreign language.


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  1. LMAO!
    But if she said they were too big, cos she bought the wrong ones according to her pattern you guys would’ve exchanged???? hehehehe….

  2. Well, technically we don’t exchange on needles at all… but if somebody comes in the next day and says they got the wrong ones, I usually cut them some slack. But if we allowed everybody to keep returning needles until they got the right tension, every pair we have would end up looking used!

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