It was a very full afternoon.
The original plan was to head into the city to David Jones to get fitted for some new bras. (More on that in a minute.) Snookums decided to accompany me so we headed off down George Street. Just as we were coming up to Central, my jaw dropped. “Dude!” I said under my breath. “What?” said the Snook. “That guy we just passed is from Idol!” I had to ring Amy to confirm. It was indeed James Steele, Tassie drummer, dad, and member of the final twenty-four. Excellent! My first sighting of the year. Anyhoo, next stop was Capitol Square so the Snook could price some laptops. I wanted to go to “Capsule Paradise,” having been recently told by a customer that they had awesome Hello Kitty gear. And they did! It’s at the back past all the purikura booths (which I still find rather bewildering). It’s basically a wall of those prize machines you see outside Kmart in the States, but with awesomely inexplicable Japanese toys. I got a Hello Kitty “Zodiac” charm for my phone (she’s wearing a cow suit, which I think indicates “Taurus”) while the Snook got a crazy robot with guns coming out of its head. Very fun.

Eventually we made it to DJ’s and I managed to get someone in the lingerie department to fit me. As soon as she saw my current bra, she was like, “Yeah, you need to go down a size. You’re a 14 now, not a 16.” Woohoo! So after dealing with the embarrassment of having a total stranger see me topless, I got to try on about ten different bras and ended up buying four. The next time you see me, I will be much more statuesque. To cap off the outing, we decided to try Ichi Ban Boshi for the first time. The Snook was hoping to get some of the famed tonkotsu ramen but alas, it was long gone. I had the popular Tokyo ramen, while the Snook went for the spicy tantanmen. We also shared some gyoza, and I have to say they were some of the best I’ve ever had. Very crispy on one side with juicy, perfectly cooked pork inside with just the right amount of ginger. Thirty minutes later, we sloshed out of there with our bellies full of soup. It was a tiring excursion…


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  1. Kris! One day I will drag you and Amy to puri land for some knitting themed purikura!

  2. I didn’t know you had a thing for Hello Kitty…there are Sanrio offices in our building and about every 3 months, they have these crazy “closeout” sales of tons of Hello Kitty crap! I’ve only ever bought a few useless things just because they were so cheap…never really had anyone to buy for, though. Oooh, now you are going to get the best Christmas presents ever!

  3. I’m not super crazy collector about them, but HK is definitely my favorite Japanese kitsch.

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