Idol so far

Okay, verdict on Idol so far? I’m very happy that Damien (my Irish hobbit boyfriend) and Dean (my non-threatening emo boyfriend) got through. I really want Chris to make it through on the Wildcard show though. (I think he will.) The other guys were mostly snoozers, though I was disappointed that Brendon (who seemed so cool in the auditions) turned into such a Guy Sebastian wannabe. Go back to the cool, Brendon!

Anyway, the girls. Why do I find the guys so much more interesting? I adore tiny little Jessica, but even I was saying to the Snook: “This was my sister’s favorite song in second grade.” Not exactly what the kids today are listening to! That Atlanta chick kind of weirded me out, and I kept trying to peg which Scandinavian country she’s from. (Answer: She’s not, but she *is* in Bjorn Again. Who knew?) I really want to like Klancie but, well, her chin bothers me. I can’t explain it. And I wish she’d quit crying! Lastly, I have a complete girl-crush on Reigan, mostly because I’ve always dreamed of having masses of naturally curly hair.

So who’s floatin’ your boat? (I can’t WAIT to see Bobby “Love Child of Willem Defoe and the Snook’s Hair in 1996” Flynn perform tomorrow night…)

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  1. I hadn’t watched Idol since Justin & Kelly, but the husband and I have gotten hooked this week. We predicted the boys and are cheering for Jessica and Reigan. (Though we can’t be bothered enough to vote ourselves.)

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