Pick a random number

Please pick a random number. (It tells you why afterwards.)


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  1. It weirded me out when he said he always leans towards numbers with 7’s, because I picked 47!

  2. I picked 22… so I’m interested to see if he finds anything out

  3. I picked 37, so the 7 thing goes for me as well.

  4. I picked 73. strange how we all tend toward seven.

  5. hmm, I picked 21 as it is the answer to the equation 3×7. For some odd reason my favorite set of numbers.

  6. ok, weirder. i picked 77.

  7. i picked 45. Homer’s birthday. its close to my fav number 44.

  8. A commenter on MetaFilter speculated that we tend to think of “messy” numbers like 47 and 73 because they sound more “random.” As the Snook put it last night, “It’s the same reason nobody picks 1 2 3 4 5 6 for their lottery numbers.”

  9. I picked 49…7×7. Seven does seem a rather recurring theme.

  10. 43 here. No idea why.

  11. 85. no particular reason for that pick.

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