Voodoo Curse

Voodoo Curse?
Ma Snook recently brought down the Snook’s birthday present: two new teapots. One is a beautiful large retro-futuristic green pot, while the other is a small Alice in Wonderland pot. (This brings our number of teapots to FOUR, meaning we officially have more teapots than inhabitants. And that’s counting the cat.) Anyway, this morning Snookums went to make me a pot of berry tea from T2 and decided to use the new Alice teapot. He opened it up… and inside was a dried out wishbone. As in, an actual bone from an actual chicken. We’re perplexed. We googled to see if there’s some sort of tradition of putting wishbones in new teapots, but nothing came up. We’re hoping his Mom can provide an explanation. Otherwise there’s a disgruntled worker at the teapot factory trying to freak people out…


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  1. I totally need that teapot. In one class, I’m basing my work around Alice In Wonderland. In another class, I’m basing my work on teacups, teapots and tea. Freaky.

  2. Mystery solved. It’s from one of Ma Snook’s crazy black Silky chickens, and it’s for Snookums to make a birthday wish. Whew.

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