THIS IS A CRY FOR HELP. I JUST PLAYED, LIKE, TWO HOURS OF WORLD OF WARCRAFT. I know! I just leveled up in the realms of nerddom. My character is a troll priestess called “Mamorti,” which I have decided is Latin for “Boobs of Death.” In my defense, this was both a bonding exercise with my husband and a bit of a challenge. He now has to knit something for my sister’s upcoming baby. Ha!


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  1. wait a minute…

  2. Wait a minute, what? 🙂

    (I’ll make sure it’s something nice.)

  3. WOOHOO welcome to the fold.

    To celebrate I wrote you a Haiku:

    You never go back.
    That is why it is known as
    “The World of Warcrack”.

    Come to Lightbringer.

  4. well it would be a Haiku if the line breaks worked… oh well.

  5. Oh no another one 🙂 I’ve just discovered WoW and am hooked. It’s like cartooney Guild Wars.

    Good game… i can see now why people were raving about it, just wish i’d tried it earlier.

  6. Hmmmm, I think he should knit a nice little pair of baby booties. Something with fluffy little pom poms on them. : )

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