Movie Soundtrack Quiz

Got an hour to kill? Have a go at this Movie Soundtrack Quiz (Excel file) that the Snook sent me. It gives you a song from a movie and you have to name who sang it and what movie it’s from. (The instructions are slightly misleading; they make it sound like the song is performed in the movie itself. That’s not necessarily the case. For instance, there’s at least one Disney movie on there where the correct answer is the pop star who sang the song for the soundtrack, not the voice actress who sang it in the film.) How many can you get without resorting to Google? I’m stuck on 201 points so far, and there are a few that I’m achingly close on.


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  1. I’m at 281 right now… grrr. And I just CAN’T. LEAVE IT. ALONE.

  2. 190 and i’m this close to start googling

  3. I finished with 295. Then I quit and googled the rest, and I didn’t feel so bad because the ones I didn’t know were mostly just bizarre. I’d give an example but don’t want to spoil anybody’s fun. 🙂

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