Idol Declaration: Women of Australia, you can have your Dean Geyer and your Ricky Muscat. I am firmly on the Bobby Flynn Love Train. That song was freakin’ amazing. I knew he could do the ballads, but I had no idea he could do rock like that. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief. Cold Chisel? Really?? I swooned. Now I’m off to convince the Snook to grow back the ‘fro…


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  1. I’m with ya on that train sista-girlfriend

  2. snook, you must gro back the fro man. I think bob is it, he is what aus needs, we have had the chisels, church, cave, ellis, walkers, we need new fresh talent that can write and perform like those of the past, bob is the man…. blowinoil

  3. Dean Geyer is the hottest idol ever .I love him. not only because he is a hottie but because he can really sing .Dean if you read this i just want to say i votde for you all the time and i think you are HOT!!! FROM A FAN

  4. dEAN IS HOT

  5. those last 2 comments were from golfie nsw

  6. See… That’s kinda why I don’t like Dean anymore.

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