End of the Story

The End of the Story
I had my final visit with Dr. Chin tonight so we could wrap up the extra-special episode of House that my mystery stomach ailment had become. I think he was as relieved as I was to finally have the answer. Treatment is to keep taking Nexium for the next six weeks so my stomach can heal, and then to NEVER TAKE IBUPROFEN AGAIN. Seriously. That’s what he said. This damage will heal up, but I’ll always have a sensitivity to it. (Actually the damage was probably done a long time ago.) I’m also not supposed to drink alcohol. Uh-huh. I told him I’d do my best to cut back. Not that I’ve ever been a big drinker… but you can pry my Chardonnay out of my cold, dead hands! (And besides, I need something to fill the void left by Diet Coke.) Seriously, though, thanks for all the sympathy and kind words. I really appreciated it.

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  1. Glad everything got sorted! YAY! WHooopeeee!

    I always like testing with one spicy meal to see how it’s all going. Though I woke up at 3am once and got a craving for something spicy so made some pitta bread or bagel (can’t remember) with cheddar cheese and jalepenos on it.

    I did manage to get back to sleep ok but boy was i feeling bad when i woke up.

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