Idol: I have to say, the bloom is definitely off the Lisa Mitchell rose for me. I can even pinpoint the moment it happened. It was at the start of the first eviction show Monday night, when all twelve of them were doing the big group sing. I was interested to see how some of the non-traditional contestants would deal with the whole “cheesy jazz choir” aspect of it. To my surprise, Bobby Flynn was right in there, bopping away like a maniac. I love Bobby. Towards the end of the song I thought, “Where the heck did Lisa go?” And there she was in one quick shot, clearly not singing and obviously just over the whole thing. It was quintessential bershon. And you know what? I thought to myself, “Whatever, young lady. If you’re too cool to participate in the big cheesy group sings, you shouldn’t have auditioned in the first place.”


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  1. Alot of people have noticed it – me included. Stage fright? Shyness? Ear piece out? Smugness? I’m ready to give her another chance or two. I like her more than alot of the other contestants, but not as much as Bobby!!

  2. I see your point. I’ll give her a chance to redeem herself next week, but if she’s still being pissy, she’s DEAD TO ME!

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