The War on Flair

The War on Flair
Leanne and Mel are trying to convince me that the staff in the shop (including me) should wear knitted accessories. Every day. Like a uniform. It this goes through, I may have to launch a subversive counterattack. I’m thinking a knitted squid hat, shadow-knit robot scarf, Skull Socks of Fury… or maybe just one of these


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  1. How about the uterus from

  2. Ok, that mohawk hat thing is AWESOME.

  3. A teenager working a wool shop does not look like a teenager . . . a teenager wearing knitted accesories working in a wool shop looks like a teenager. . . How much choice do we get??

  4. PLEASE PLEASE make the old ladies in your shop wear that knitted hat! Then let me know so I can bring a camera…

  5. They may be winning me over. Something about giving us the yarn to knit them for free. I can get onboard with that…

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