There’s a beautiful gray-and-white stray cat that’s been lurking around our neighborhood lately, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by Dr. Amy Jones. We first learned about the visitor when Amy woke us up early one morning, freaking out and scrabbling at the bedroom window. “Awww, she wants a friend! Maybe we should get another cat,” we thought. We spent a few days thinking about the ramifications. Then today I was sitting at the computer with her nuzzling into my shoulder (see DeskCam), all sweetness and fuzzy purring. Suddenly I felt her stiffen and I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Gray Cat was sitting in our back garden! Amy freaked out and scrambled out of my arms, and the two of them faced each other through the sliding glass door. I ran for my camera – thinking it would make a great Flickr shot – but Amy reared up on her back legs and started striking out at Gray Cat through the glass. Gray Cat predictably ran away, and Amy sat glowering at the door daring her to return. Her little head was actually visibly vibrating with emotion. “Uh, maybe we misinterpreted their relationship,” I said to the Snook. Our dear Puss Puss seems to view Gray Cat as an interloper, and interlopers Must Be Destroyed. How cute to have our own little Attack Feline.