Race Results

The Race results are now available! There were 7824 finishers in all, and we didn’t do too badly. The Snook came in with a net time of 57:48 to finish 5176th, while my net was 58:14 for a place of 5262nd. I did slightly better against my age and gender groups, mostly because the Snook got bumped into the 30-39 male group and I think most of them are hardcore runners. Our next event is tentatively going to be the Gladesville Bridge-to-Bridge run (10K) on October 15.


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  1. Well done! I did better, too, and I’m chuffed that I came in on the right side of 1 hour.

    Good luck in the 15 October!

  2. Hey, you beat me! That’s awesome. And the Snook only pipped you by four seconds. You’ll be blazing past us next year. 🙂

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