Spring Summer Cleaning
Dude, it was NINETY DEGREES today. We have officially leapfrogged Spring and gone right into a blazin’ hot Aussie summer. (Literally.) What’s weirder is that we also had gale force winds. This? I’m not used to. In Indiana, when it’s hot it’s usually stinkin’ humid and hot. Today was like being in a fan-forced oven. An especially strong gust nearly tore down a section of the fence between us and the neighbours’! It was kinda extreme.

In more mundane news, the Snook and I did some much needed “spring” cleaning. We started with the closets and ended up taking two more large garbage bags full of clothes to the Salvos. (I’m still parting with FatWear.) I also finally broke out the space bags I bought a while back to store my sweaters and our doona. DUDE, THEY ARE AWESOME. I need to get about twelve more. Seriously, our comforter filled an entire suitcase; sucked down it’s less than half that size. We also washed a ton of laundry and had our first confirmed sighting of the bottom of the laundry bin in nearly a year. (How do I know that? Because the last thing we pulled out was my Sakei costume.) We also sorted and filed – I swear – several hundred bank statements and bills in the office. I feel our feng shui starting to improve already.

The garden got a big of a makeover as well. We’ve planted a new flowerbed along with basil, green onions, and pineapple. (Our old pineapple was kinda “budding,” so we figured we might as well plant the tops and see what happened.) I also picked up some new ceramic pots which we filled with tomatoes, capsicum, and cat grass. (Dr. Jones approves very much.) Today we walked to Newtown with the simple intention of filling up the gas bottle for our barbecue… and we ended up with this. Talk about your true blue Aussie impulse purchase!