Idol Chatter

TallulahBelle is my new favorite Idol commentator. Her analysis of Sunday’s performances was spot on, and she shares my insane amusement with the antics of Mr. Bobby Flynn. (Thanks to crumpet for pointing me to Tally’s site.)


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  1. I prefer Idol analysis from Spin Starts Here:

  2. They’re the ones trying to get Bobby to win because it will somehow “undermine” the whole show, right? Hmmph.

    Actually their analysis is fairly amusing, but every time I’ve been to that site I’m just put off by how in-jokey and confusing the writing is. It’s like the writing on the product tags at Crumpler. I can’t read that crap! My brain is hardwired to appreciate actual English. Too many nicknames and too much made-up slang make my head hurt. (This is why I hate William Gibson novels.)

  3. hey now….don’t start bashing Crumpler…them’s fightin’ words

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