Idol Impressions

Idol Impressions: Beware! There was a lot of shouting in my house during this episode tonight, so Here Be Capital Letters…

  • I liked that Damien moved out of his comfort zone, but his dancing made me cringe a little bit. There’s a little bit of dorkiness there. I liked him better posing in his leather rock god pants.
  • Ricky had the crazy eyes going again. I am starting to see nothing but the crazy eyes. And he makes me really anxious whenever he finishes, because he is SO DETERMINED AND DESPERATE. Just looking at him gives me sympathy ulcers.
  • Jessica looked gorgeous. And I still can’t get over her voice. A 17-year-old should not sound like that. She’s just too good. She didn’t go for the obvious crowd pleaser this week, which makes me worry for her. I’ll throw her some votes, I think.
  • Bobby Freakin’ Flynn. I can’t wait for this to go up on YouTube tomorrow so all you non-Aussies can see what we’re talking about. He walked out tonight and I practically screamed. “HE HAS A STIPE STRIPE! DUDE, HE HAS A BLUE MAKEUP STIPE STRIPE!” (The Snook didn’t believe me and had to come verify for himself.) “Under Pressure” is one of my favorite songs and I wasn’t sure about the arrangement at first. When Bobby belts, though, I am powerless to resist. I hope he realises how much we all react when he stops murmuring and goes into the shout. It was friggin’ awesome.
  • Lisa was very cute, and “The Joker” was a great song for her. She still wanders the stage a bit though. I liked that she wore a skirt instead of her usual skinny jeans, but the whole “romper” look was a bit naff. And for the record, I thought she was barefoot the whole time.
  • Dean is such a Corey. Bon Jovi was a brilliant choice and it was nice to see him get away from the 90’s, but for such a pretty guy he’s about as sexual as a Ken doll. I was singing along in my living room and I had more grunt and grit in my voice than he did. I’m ashamed to say I laughed when Kyle called him out for being a virgin.
  • Mutto = HAAAAAATE. HAAAAAAAAAAATE. Seriously. That was the wussiest Aerosmith rendition I’ve ever heard. And am I the ONLY person who realised he was CHEWING GUM the whole time? I was seriously YELLING at the television throughout his performance. (The Snook’s trying out his new microphone for playing World of Warcraft, and I can only imagine what his raid teammates were hearing: “JESUS, SANDILANDS, I KNOW HIS HAIR SUCKS BUT WOULD YOU CALL HIM ON THE GODDAMN GUM ALREADY?!” Yeah, Mutto drives me insane.)
  • Lavina’s song was lovely. I really like her much better than her scary alien sister. I don’t think she has a chance of winning though; people don’t seem to connect with her very much. I just wish she had stood up to Kyle a bit more about her tattoos.
  • Chris Murphy cracks me up. His voice is awesome, but I actually genuinely think he’s really funny. Did you see that pose he pulled when he sang the “brutally handsome” line? You don’t get much wit on Idol; you’ve got to cling to these small scraps. And DUDE, did he get bleeped at the end of the song? That rules! What the hell did he say?

The hosts had a couple great moments tonight too. Baby James Mathison with his big ol’ bug eyes was ADORABLE. I also liked when Kyle started picking on G and James was like, “Don’t be judging us! We’re the hosty parts!” (That said, what was up with Andrew’s hair? It was so flat and un-flowy tonight. He must’ve made the stylist mad.) My predictions for the bottom three are Mutto, Lavina, and Ricky, with probably Ricky to go. Dean deserves to be there instead of Lavina, but I think he’ll get a big bounce from all the teenage girls who panicked when he was in the bottom three last week…

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  1. My favourite host moment was when Andrew G came out with something to the effect of, “She can get her tats out if she likes!” Cracked me up.

  2. American Idol Fans: Watch that video! You won’t believe this guy.

  3. Thank god for Youtube!!!

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