New feature!
You can now see the last five Google searches that led folks to web-goddess. They’re in a box down on the left after the poll. (Vote if you haven’t!) I’ve been watching my referrer logs and entering particularly good ones at Disturbing Search Requests for a while now, but I thought it might be fun to see them one-by-one as they come in. Kudos to Brigita for noticing before I even announced it!


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  1. YEAH! Check that out! I’m the number one site that links to paceyporn!

  2. Wow — how did you do this? Do you have to code them all in manually or is it automatic? Very cool feature!

  3. It’s all automatic. Whenever somebody hits one of my pages, I check their referrer. If it’s got “google” in it, I extract the search term and save both that and the URL in a database. Then I just pull up the most recent five on the page. It’s really simple, actually. I’m gonna package it up with my whole weblog system eventually (if I ever get time).
    You know, it doesn’t have to use a database, though. You could do it with text files just like you do with the comments. Are you interested? I could port it over for you… 🙂

  4. That won’t be necessary, but if you ever make a page giving step by step instructions, I’ll be the first in line to use them. 🙂

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