Veronica Mars

How in the world am I supposed to go to bed and sleep when there’s a NEW VERONICA MARS TO THINK ABOUT?I’m not loving the new intro so far. In fact, I remarked to the Snook that I hate it. It may grow on me though. I can see what they’re doing, trying to make it seem a little more grown-up and a little less 90210, but dammit, the old intro ranked right up there with Buffy for me in terms of sheer ROCKIN’.

All the old cast – love them. Veronica looked great. I wish I could be a tiny spunky blonde! I thought at first Logan had gained weight, because his chest seemed “puffier.” Then he took his shirt off. (Let us all pause for a moment.) Dick looked somehow thinner… but wow, I didn’t realize the actor could actually play depth like that. I don’t think for a minute he’s the one that raped Parker. Total red herring there. Mac and Wallace and Keith were just as I expected.

The new people. I kept picturing Piz as the lead guy in High School Musical. He’s not bad, and I like the Wallace might have a guy friend. I hope he gets over his puppy dog crush soon though. I could really see him fulfilling a Xander role here. (Possible love interest for Mac??) I didn’t really warm to Parker though. I was just kinda “whatever.” I called her getting her head shaved pretty early, mostly because her hair was so weird and, you know, her being all slutty and stuff. (I hope this storyline means Alia Shawkat’s coming back.) OH! And I read some speculation over at TWoP that Veronica will end up hooking up with her Criminology professor. PLEASE LET THIS NOT BE TRUE. I hate those storylines. And if she tramples Logan’s heart, now that he’s being all nice and normal and stuff, so help me God I’ll… rant about it on the Internet. (The TA is totally evil though.)

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  1. We just caught up last night, and I’m so with you on the Dick thing. I’m going to have to go back and watch the original episode dealing with the head-shaving issue, but I dont recall thinking he could have ever been involved then… and why would someone copycat something like that?

    As an aside, I’m hating the skullcap wig things they put on the newly bald girls. Since when is super-short hair all fuzzy and chick-downy looking? (And if, let’s just say, I got my head shaved all clumpy-like like the chick at the rally, I’d at least even it out a little bit.)

    What about the Keith/Kendall fiasco?

    Hate the intro too.

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