Did anyone else in Australia watch Rushmore on TV this week? Either our TiFaux had a huge hiccup, or Channel 10 cut the hell out of it. There was the scene where the teacher tells him she’s too old for him and they shake hands, and then after a commercial they went directly to the part where Bill Murray apologizes for Max and says he shouldn’t have let him drink alcohol. It’s been a long time since I saw the movie originally, but wasn’t there a dinner scene with Luke Wilson somewhere in there? And wasn’t there another play by the Max Fischer Players? We only saw the one at the big finale. I was really confused. (Granted, I was in a candy coma…)

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  1. The dinner scene with Luke Wilson? Did they cut out one of my FAVORITE LINES IN ALL OF MOVIE-DOM?
    “They’re O.R. scrubs.”
    “Oh ARE they?”

    Sounds better than it reads, but it slays me every time. I laughed now just typing it.

  2. They totally cut it. I didn’t see it at ALL. I wonder if it was for time, or if there was something particularly inappropriate for the time slot happening?

  3. Yeah I remember watching and they did cut out the whole Serpico play and dinner. I think they do this sometimes because the midday movie only goes for 2 hours.

    Rushmore is maybe my favourite movie ever.

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