Baby Surprise JacketAnother Baby Surprise
My sister is, like, officially a week overdue now, and I’m getting nervous. I haven’t had any word from the family this weekend so presumably we’re all just playing the waiting game. (UNLESS SHE’S HAD IT AND THEY’VE ALL FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME. Sometimes I get expat-paranoia.) Anyway, I used my day off today to put the finishing touches on the baby outfit I made her (buttons on the jacket and elastic in the pants) and to finish off another of the Baby Surprise Jackets. This one’s in Zara, which is an 8ply and therefore makes the whole thing a little bigger. Hopefully my little nephew will be able to wear this one through the winter! I also changed the button band to be moss stitch instead of garter stitch, mostly just because I was bored. (Pattern note: I just managed to squeeze this out of two balls of the Zara.)