Hooray! Martina Hingis has suffered a stunning first round defeat at Wimbledon. I really dislike her.


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  1. Oh, at first I read that as Martina *Navratilova*, and I was going to go over there and kick your ass.

    But, I dislike Hingis too. Does anyone like her?

  2. No, I love Martina the First. It’s her big-foreheaded namesake that I loathe. So don’t kick my ass. 🙂

    I don’t understand the companies that she gets paid to endorse. What’s the marketing attraction? Sure, she’s the number one player. But she’s not a good sportsman, she makes offensive remarks in public, and (to be brutally honest) she’s not that sexy. At least with Anna Kournikova I can see the logic.

  3. I don’t like the Swiss Ugly one either!

    She should be climbing up mountains and losing her compass or something…

  4. I don’t like her as well.She is rude, smug, and above all extremely ugly.

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