“Oh, what a cute little… zorse? zetland?


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  1. that’s so…tuf. i mean, i wasn’t very adept at the subject in general, but stuff like that is why i majored in biology. the way the natural world works, has a very complex system of checks and balances, how everything fits together so well–is facinating.

    i’ve been asked “how can you have a science background and still believe in God?” to which i respond, “that is exactly *why* i do.” if we were just a few thousand miles closer to or further from the sun, we’d all be popsicles or toast, respectively. ok, i might be exaggerating, but you get my point.

    but yeah, cute horsey!

  2. Yeah, I never understood why certain atheist friends of mine (i.e. Kelly) thought the two to be mutually exclusive. I mean, hey, if you see God through a microscope, good for you. Besides, it’s always better for people to do science than not do science, right? (Okay, so I didn’t study it in college, but I still qualify as a science geek, I think.)

  3. I wonder what you would call it if a ferret crossed with a….oh never mind…

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