Today the Snook and I finally watched Heroes and discovered what the fuss is all about. We’re only at episode four though, so don’t spoil it!

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  1. Isn’t it great? Heroes and Lost are the only two shows I make an effort to watch. I’m on a no reality/gameshow television diet. I do catch Ugly Betty occasionally.

  2. I’ve seen promos for Ugly Betty; looks like it’s going to be starting up here soon. I take it I should set it to TiFaux?

  3. Heroes is a great show! I also watch Ugly Betty and it cracks me up. TV is my vice though. Both shows are ones I don’t want to miss – along with Grey’s Anatomy!

  4. No spoilers — I’ll just Heroes gets better and better! (can’t wait for the new season to start, and no I’m not waiting for it to get to Oz! LOL)

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