Twilight Princess

Observations on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess:

  • This game is FUN. I really like swinging the sword and killing the bad guys. The Snook is addicted to the whirlwind boomerage, which we just found tonight. There seems to be a good mix of stuff you have to puzzle out along with stuff you just have to attack.
  • This game is LOOOONG. According to Wikipedia, the first testers took 70 hours to get through the game. So far we’ve played five hours. We’re less than 10% through. (And we’re probably going even slower than the testers. I like to cut down the grass looking for coins.)
  • This game can be FRUSTRATING. The Snook and I are playing it tag-team style, which does have certain advantages. Often when one of us gets stuck and hands off, the other person seems to solve the puzzle/defeat the boss quickly. It’s also a big relationship trial though. Tonight Snookums had an epic battle against a possessed baboon who was jumping from pillar to pillar and throwing boomerangs at him while giant Venus flytraps kept popping out of the ground, and I was going nuts watching while he ran ’round and ’round trying to bash the monkey’s column without getting killed. (I know that sounds ridiculous, but at the time it was LIFE AND DEATH.) It’s the eternal Amazing Race Roadblock conflict, with the partner on the sidelines trying to be supportive while also yelling a lot and thinking they could do better. We survived, but only barely. God knows what it’ll be like when we’re fifty hours into this thing…

(In other Wii news, I’ve nearly made it to Pro in tennis. I can only play every few days though, because it kills my shoulder.)

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  1. I played Wii for the first time at a friend’s on NYE — so much fun! I loved the tennis. 🙂

  2. hmm… It seems that Eva’s brother’s almost finished the game after about 2 weeks, well that’s what he tells me

  3. Good grief! He must be hard-core. We’ve only played three or four sessions so far.

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