HOLY CRAP – the iPhone is real! How did they get the rights to the name? This is the friggin’ coolest thing I’ve ever seen. The keynote must have been unreal. My only disappointment is that I’m going to have to limp along with my current crap phone for at least another year til they bring them out here.

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  1. Yeah, whatev. It’s an extortion attempt to get more money. Steve will just turn on his Reality Distortion Field and make it alllll right.

  2. There’s always this to tide us over until it’s actually available here.

  3. I was excited about the iPhone until I realized Apple, for whatever stupid, misguided reason, has aligned themselves with the evil Cingular. There’s no way I’m leaving Verizon to go back to that nightmare, just so I can have a kickass phone.

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