Me and SaharaKnitblogger Meetup!
Well, kinda. Today at lunch I happened to meet the fabulous Sahara of SistahCraft (and Knitty City in New York). I then spent the next half hour completely ignoring all other customers in favour of chatting with Sahara and trading tales of Retail Hell. (Sounds like rich NY customers feel just as entitled as rich Sydney customers!) She told me about all the other knitting shops she’s hit in Australia, and I picked her brains about her impressions of them and us. Then, of course, it was time for the Obligatory Blogger Meet-Up Photos. (It’s like a law.) Soon she was off to buy a new suitcase – seriously, she bought that much wool – and I reluctantly headed back to my desk. It was nice to meet you, Sahara!

PS – She knit that awesome lace cotton dress she’s wearing. And yay, we were shoe twins!

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  1. Hey there! It was great to meet you too! Thanks for your knowledge! Wait till my friends back in NYC see your store––there gonna choke! I’m trying to put the photos and post together, and Mr. K did buy another suitcase. I’ll be posting from Hawaii, but hey––it’s still relevant.

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