Oscar Nominations

Oscar Contest 2007 Coming Soon
Okay, so the Oscar nominations are out… and that’s usually when my annual Oscar Contest begins. Unfortunately this year I’m running a little behind with the sock monkey creation, so we’re not going to launch for a little while yet. But you all wanted more time to think about your predictions anyway, right? Plus this will help limit the number of randoms who enter. Not that I don’t want new people to play along, but I always wish that one of my regular readers/commenters would win. So go to the movies and start thinking!

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  1. If it’s anything less then a sock monkey dressed up in a sequin “Dreamgirls” gown, I’m going to be depressed. But I’m still going to play.

  2. Which style gown would you like, Beau? 🙂

  3. Fishtail dress cynched at the waste with an ample showing of enhanced bosom…all covered in sparkles. And big hair. And heels.
    Since you asked.

  4. I’ve got the sparkles and hair covered, but I haven’t quite worked out how to give sock monkeys a bosom…

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