Naked Harry

Phwoar! That’s some pretty naked Daniel Radcliffe! I hope there’s a shirtless stable scene in the last HP book… (Link courtesy of Andrew, who is decidedly not an Old Perv.)

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  1. For your hi-res pleasure check out the rest of the shoot…

  2. Ahem. Um. Yeah.

    All nakedness aside, this photo is gorgeous —

  3. HA! I can’t get to your link miftik – it tells me that the server is down due to “capacity problems.” 😉

  4. Equus is a fav School text book of mine.

    Is it wrong to want to see harry nekkid? Caffinated doughnuts make make you want to moveback to the states, but harry potter sucking sweat of the neck of a horse after a night ride and getting nekkid in stables might make me move back to London.

    The best thing about all this is people’s complaints about an actor, who plays one character, albeit a character from a ‘childrens’ book, being allowed to play another character because it may up set his fans…

    One more reason for people to watch the play considering it’s subject matter.

    look up Equus and Dan Radcliffe on Google and you can see it all.

  5. or if you still can’t see all the pics… ahem… email me. i may have got to the server before it fell down.

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