Scrotum Scandal

Ooh, dishy librarian-related scandal! This year’s Newbery Medal-winning book contains the word “scrotum,” and the uptight soccer moms of the word are freaking out and requesting that it be banned. The author has written a response. So, gadgetgirl, when can we expect to see The Higher Power of Lucky on the shelves at the vaunted Mosman Public Library?


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  1. Oh that makes me really cross – it’s not even a rude or swear word. I hope that the book doesn’t get the same reaction here.

  2. Hi,
    I found you by searching for baby tart hat…I’m working on the same one from knitty. I’m kind of confused by the directions and wondered if you could help me a little. The part where it says, “When there are (4) bobble rounds, begin decreases…” Does that mean after you complete Rows 1-4 of the bobble pattern or after you complete rows 1-8, 4x? AH! Probably a silly question but I’m uncertain…If you could help I’d greatly appreciate it. I saw yours and it looks great. Thanks!

  3. Hi Liane, I seem to recall being puzzled at the same point. I’m fairly certain I decided to err on the side of making the hat bigger, so doing the 32 rows instead of 4. Otherwise it would just be really flat, and babies have big heads. 🙂

  4. Thank you! That makes sense…wish it was a little more clearly written.

  5. hmmm…I don’t buy for the children’s dept any more….but I will mention it to the librarian, she likes to buy controversial books. We do have Carson Kresley’s book after all.
    But really, it sounds like a storm in a tea cup to me.

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