Deliberately barren

I think I need to have a button made that says “DELIBERATELY BARREN”. Any of you other girls want one?


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  1. Wow. Some people are just clueless. He need to borrow Tom Cruise’s old publicist. She kept anyone from knowing he was crazy for years, she could have handled this.

  2. No-one could ‘handle’ this man. He’s unhandleable. This is the latest of his history of half-baked utterances. I wonder what they had to blackmail him with to get him to apologise?

  3. If only you’d asked a few weeks ago….

  4. Yes, please. Although I’m still in the “when are you getting married” stage, so I won’t need the button for a while…. Heffernan is just objectionable.

  5. Maybe we could do an “OLD MAID BY CHOICE” for you, Julie? 🙂

  6. Yeah, my mum would love that 🙂 But that would make the Boy think he’s off the hook for jewelry….

  7. Oh, yes. I was thinking that on the walk home tonight. If there is one for sale, I’d buy it.

  8. Count me in for a button. Having said that, I’m only 22, too young for kids!. What an arse. We all knew that he was only apologizing because he had to, not sorry for what he said at all.

  9. I’m serious about the buttons, girls. I just e-mailed crumpet, because I think she has a button maker. But if she can’t do it, maybe we could do a bulk CafePress order?

  10. Me too please! I’d like one.

  11. Check out Mushycat – – I love the “No. I dont intend to spawn.” one….

  12. Crumpet has agreed to make them! Any ideas for a design? I was just thinking of the text really big, but maybe we should squeeze in a baby with an X through it. Although that might give the idea that we’re actually against babies, when really the idea is to protest this idiot’s idea that unless a woman has a child, she doesn’t deserve to be a politician.

  13. I’d wear one, though i’m pregnant (34 1st bub).

    This man is such a buffoon. Imagine being such an asshole that John Howard asks you to say “Sorry”.

    Certainly anyone near him would be againt procreation.

  14. HA! I think it would be even funnier to have a pregnant woman wearing one. 🙂

  15. How about a crossed-out pacifier/dummy instead of a baby?

  16. That could work!

  17. I’d be in for a button too!

  18. Wanda the woops!ter

    May 11, 2007 — 6:48 pm

    Hey! Kris. We HAVE done the button and the t-shirt. Just wanted to drop you a friendly note to share a bit of Creative Activism.The woops! team is a new group of artists who gather verbal gaffs made by public figures and plaster them on t-shirts, in songs, in photos.

    Our very first move is Deliberately Barren. Need we say more?
    Here’s the site:

  19. NICE! If all else fails, I’ll order one of those. 🙂

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