England’s most scandalous murder trial in several years is finally over. A jury convicted Barry George of the Jill Dando murder. Unlike the OJ Simpson case, I think the public are going to be very happy with this verdict. Personally, I’m glad that he’s being put away. The neighborhood where he lives (and where the crime took place) is, like, just one Tube stop over from mine.


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  1. I am currently doing a Tribute website about the late Jill Dando. I must say that I’m glad they got someone for her murder but. After looking at all the evidence stacked up against Barry George I’m still not sure of hit guilt?

    Possably someone out there is laughing to themselves cause they have got away with murder?


  2. Tom, good luck with your site. I don’t think you’re going to drum up much discussion here on a post I made over a year ago, though.

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