Third World

Third World*
I didn’t notice anything at first because I had my iPod on. Sure, the house felt a little cold when I walked in the door… It wasn’t until I set my jacket down in the bedroom that I noticed something odd. The little red light on the dehumidifier wasn’t on. I pushed the power button repeatedly but nothing happened. And HEY, the alarm clock’s dead too! The TV won’t turn on! The heater isn’t blowing toasty air! The stove won’t light! WHAT’S HAPPENING? I called the Snook. “I think we blew a fuse. Everything’s dead.” “So fix it. It’s over the fridge.” Oh. Duh. So after ten minutes of wrestling with the door of the fusebox (true story), I got it open and flipped the switch. Ahhh, sweet electricity. Of course, our Internet was still dead, the server was down, and I couldn’t get to the TiFaux. I HAD TO WATCH ACTUAL, BROADCAST TELEVISION, PEOPLE. At one point, my only options were the tabloids and Big Brother, and I couldn’t even fast-forward through the commercials! I NEARLY DIED.

* Don’t give me that look, hippies. Yeah, I know, going without the Internet for two hours is nothing like living in the Third World. I like to exaggerate for comedic effect. And besides, I REALLY ALMOST DID DIE.


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  1. Poor babby, two whole hours of Real Live TV? Oh. My. God. And NO INTERNETS? I would have had to have called an amberlance. No kidding. 🙂

  2. LOL…

    Our fuse box tripped last night as well. I had to be all butch and climb onto a ladder in my pyjamas to turn it back on; my flatmates dont know how and think they will electrocute themselves.

    BTW a lady at work says you are really nice. She went into TC to get some yarn for sewing up her afghan, you recommended 4 ply (which looked great) and she also bought some Jigsaw sock yarn (and is still in shock about how much sock yarn costs hehe)

  3. The sad news is that it seems to have been caused by the power supply on our server going BOOM. So no mp3s or movies until the Snook gets a new one.

    Tell her thanks, Bex! It’s a relief to hear it, quite frankly. The past two weeks have been pretty stressful, and I worry that customers catch me when I’m frustrated or harried.

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