The Science of Sleep

The Science of Sleep
I am such a horrible sleeper. I have trouble falling asleep so I stay up too late, and then once I am asleep I find it impossible to get out of bed. Last weekend I slept in til 11 o’clock one day! (What am I, a uni student?) I really need to get up and exercise in the mornings, and I just can’t. I’m tired and groggy for the first two hours every day and it’s so frustrating. Last week I was reading AskMeFi when I saw a reference to Modafinil. This drug WAKES YOU UP. It sounds awesome. Unfortunately it seems to be prescription-only in Australia, and judging by the online pharmacies, it’s pretty damn expensive too. Crap. I’ll ask my doctor next time I see him, but that looks like a dead end.

The Snook: Just have a coffee!
Me: But I don’t love coffee as much as you, and all the coffeeshops near me in the city suck. Choking down a burnt and bitter long black just makes me ill.
Him: So have an espresso. Pretend it’s medicine.
Me: Now there’s an idea…

Today he made me a macchiato (espresso with a tiny bit of milk) as soon as I got up. I downed it in three sips. Verdict? I’M RARIN’ TO GO!


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  1. If you can get a prescription for it – you want me to ask my mum how much she can get it for…. did i mention she runs a chemist in Darwin???

  2. Just read the wikipedia article – the weightloss benefit sounds good too…

  3. Does she really? Yeah, ask her. I think it’s called “Modavigil” in Australia.

  4. The humble Macchiato is my morning pick-me up of choice. It’s a reason to love coffee!

  5. You’ve just decsribed me to a T. Having the dog jump on me helps, but I can very easily roll over & go back to sleep.

  6. For years I was a horrible sleeper. I thought it was just conditioning from my party days at college, but then decided to completely cut caffeine from my diet. That was the trick, and I sleep better than ever and have no problems getting up in the morning, ready to go.

  7. Oh, and your spam prevention question reminds me of Mr. Beret’s (sp?) extra credit questions on tests when I had him for Origins of English. Were you in that class?

    “What color was George Washington’s white horse?”

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