Wow! “The Real World” is finally going to shoot a season in Chicago. They wanted to do it before but claimed that the weather was too crappy. Evidently they’ve now realized that Chicago has summer too.


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  1. i really hope they raise the minimum age of applicants–it really bothered me that a bunch of the people in RWSeattle were underage and they would just sit around their pad (located in an area that was not zoned for residential living, BTW) and booze. another guy pitched a hissy fit for not being able to get into a bar.

    “um, yeah. i see the camera crew behind you. i also see the ID that says you’re 19 in front of me. hit the bricks buddy.”


    i mean REALLY.

    (we really did hate them in seattle)

  2. Yeah! That was Stephen, the guy who later went nuts and slapped Irene for calling him gay. That season had its highpoints for those of us outside the Pacific Northwest. 🙂

    You should read the recaps of it on MBTV. In addition to ripping on ALL of those idiots, they also keep a running tally of Space Needle shots. There were, like, half a dozen PER EPISODE.

  3. the sad thing is, i’d never seen or heard of the space needle before moving to seatown.

    and the rumor around the town was the irene didn’t have lyme disease, it was just a way she could leave the show gracefully.

    and have i mentioned that the cast came to my place of work (AIDS organization) to “make a documentary?” that guy from boston could make you feel gross just by LOOKING at you.

    funny thing is that i actually saw him at a boston bar a few christmases ago and i saw the bi-guy from the NYC season shopping in NYC AND J. once smooched that Julie girl from the NYC show when they were in junior high or sumthin.

    airing TRW marathons on saturdays is marketing GENUIS–i’m an addict for life because of all the hangover time i would log in front of the idiot box…

  4. She really had Lyme Disease. Know how I know? She has her own friggin’ website!

    How weird is that? She does a “speaking tour now” and is an “opponent of media manipulation”. WHATEVER. I liked her on the show when she was cynical and funny, but she seems really lame now.

    TRW marathons ARE genius. My favorite season is probably Los Angeles, with John and Tami and all the David insanity. I also liked the David/Kira bit of Seattle (He’s a psycho!). I thought the last few seasons sucked ass though…

    And Norman from the NY cast is THE BEST. I want him to be my best friend.

  5. oops–my bad. what a WEAK website. nice pop-up windows, ire. talk about media manipulation…

    hmm…favorite season…well, NYC was genius, of course. SF was pretty weak, but i think that the series really started to spiral down the crapper with boston. montana was one crazy selfish BEEyatch.


    yeah, norman! that’s the guy i saw shopping. it cracked me up when he described himself as “bi-costal…”

    all this coming from a person who is this

  6. …close to putting a “kill your television” bumpersticker on her car.

    (how’d that get cut off, anyh

  7. Weirdness. Was that last bit a joke, or are all your posts really getting cut off?

  8. yeah–that was a joke. the first cut off was probably due to my inadvertently hitting enter.

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