Porn for thirtysomethings

Wisdom from my friend Sharon: “Reno[vation] photos are porn for the thirtysomethings.” Too, too true.

In related house news, things are still progressing. The bank is sending someone out to do a valuation, which seems to be the last big hurdle. Sadly, I can feel my my hopes for a Halloween Housewarming party slipping away. I just don’t think we’ll be in there in time.


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  1. With our current house, once we got over the inspection for the mortgage company (our biggest hurdle), everything started rolling really, REALLY fast. We had the keys less than two weeks later. So, you never know.

  2. Actually, that’s what our mortgage guy e-mailed me to say last night. He said that some settlements going really fast, so I’ve got some hope!

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