Isn’t it always the way? You sit down to dinner, and somebody turns up with a piano.

Later: Did you know that it’s physically possible for two guys to physically carry a piano? I didn’t. I honestly thought that a piano – even an upright – weighed like a thousand pounds. So it was with great excitement and glee that I watched as two of the most Ocker guys I’ve ever seen maneuvered a piano up our front steps and into the dining room. (You’ll probably be able to see it in the distance on CouchCam in the morning.) Now all we have to do is get it tuned and the Snook will be able to give Darren a run for his money. (Thanks to Ma and Pa Snook for arranging for it to be sent down!)

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  1. We have a big ol’ upright piano that the previous owners left when we bought our house. I have been taking lessons on it for the last 3 years but I think it will stay when we move because it is TOOOO heavy. I am glad you got yours and it is good to know that 2 men CAN move one. (In case I change my mind about leaving it.)

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