Toe-Up Jaywalkers

My first attempt at Jaywalkers didn’t turn out very well. They looked great, but they were too narrow to go over my ankle! I’m going to try again with this toe-up version.


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  1. I made Wendy’s (toeup) Feather and Fan socks, which are similar to the JayWalkers and had the same problem. I solved it by reknitting the legs on bigger needles, but I still don’t like them much.

  2. My first pair of Jaywalkers had that exact problem, too. I was more careful when calculating gauge for the second pair!

    (In other gauge based news, I have now cast on and frogged my brand new Ranco Multi yarn twice- too small the first time, too big the second time. Turns out 68 sts is the magic number. I’ll make attempt no. 3 tomorrow).

  3. I finished my first Ranco Multi sock and I love love love it Can’t wait for winter!

  4. Ooh, photo please! 🙂

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