Mean Girls

Mean Girls was on TV last week, and I had no idea that it was a harbinger of things to come. Why are girls so bitchy towards each other? On Monday I got a vague warning at the shop that we were to crack down on gossiping, as some of the staff were saying upsetting things. “Sure, whatever,” I thought, and filed it away in the back of my brain. It was several days before I discovered that some of the mean shit was actually about ME. On one level I’m just amused, like weren’t we supposed to get over this crap ten years ago? And at the same time I’m sorta hurt, because it was my success at doing my job that was being called into question. So UGH, WHATEVER. And yeah, I kinda know I’m fanning the flames a little bit here, seeing as how other members of staff actually read this site. I should probably the bigger person and just not mention it at all. But I’m human, and I’m smarting a little bit. I figure this is the safer way to get it out of my system.

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  1. Working in girls’ schools, I have to say that much of the time the (mainly female) staff are worse than the students… At the school I just left we even did professional development on communicating with our collegues rather than saying stuff behind their backs. It didn’t change anything!

  2. Bitching about you??? What? :S Seriously.. surely they have better things to do!

  3. Wha??
    Dude, you’re the reason some of us even WENT to TC…

    I dont understand the whole female-b*tchy thing either – shouldnt we be sticking together against such a male-centric society? (sorry guys). Anyway, you’re cool, you’re a good person and you’re funny. Screw em.

  4. Ya know, I just surfed in but I’ll toss in my 2 cents, lol.

    I find that it’s best to just get the hurt out of your system just as you did by writing it first before dealing with people face to face when you’re upset, goodness knows I’ve done it. (ummmm, unless I’ve got PMS in which case most folks around me know to run for the hills or throw chocolate to appease my injured sensibilities)

    As for general cattiness, well, people tend to attack that which they are jealous of. One of the first things I have to say to folks I meet is “if you ever have a problem with me bring it to my face first, after that I don’t care what you say” Of course it takes a person who thinks that they are absolutely justified in a complaint to actually do that, heh.

  5. Tall Poppy Syndrome. They don’t like you because you can do your job, you do your job well and you succeed at it. Plus you are a decent gal and have got your s*** together that and everything that Bex said.

  6. Thanks guys. I knew you’d make me feel better! 🙂

    I think part of it is the perception that because I’m at the computer all day long, I’m goofing off. And it’s obvious that I check on w-g and Ravelry fairly frequently throughout the day; I’m not trying to dispute that. But I also tend to stay at least an extra hour every night, and I also log in and check on the site pretty much every night (and on my days off). Albert’s certainly got no cause for complaints, so I’m not sure where anybody else gets off bitching about it.

    But anyway, there, I’m done justifying.

  7. Maybe you should be a better and more mature person than you are acting by fanning the flames. You all have to work together and seeing as you are working where most would want to, then you should be more grown up and professional, instead of bringing your working life into your blog, especially if those people read it. Are you really that hurtful a person or is bitch your middle name. We all love our knitting and you shouldn’t be wasting your time on this shit. Be nice and nice just might be back to you.

  8. Oh wow! An anonymous commenter is telling me to be mature! Hahahahahaha.

    “seeing as you are working where most would want to”

    You’ve obviously never worked retail. You’re one of those weirdos who comes in for an interview and we reject because they think they’ll get to stand around knitting all day. It’s a busy, physical job and you get paid peanuts.

    “instead of bringing your working life into your blog”

    My working life has been a part of the blog since its inception. Get with the program.

    “is bitch your middle name.”

    In the English language, we use question marks to indicate the end of an interrogative question. Or is illiterate your middle name?

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