Dr. Amy Jones loves watching people take showers. I’m serious. You’ll be in there, scrubbing away, and suddenly realise that there’s a cat sitting on the toilet tank and staring at you. Anyway, it appears she’s not the only pet to do this.

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  1. Berk just wants a sip of water when I turn on the bath. By the time I put the faucet in shower mode, he’s already bored and left.

  2. Frasier will sit outside the shower if you let him, and walks around the spa pool every time we are in it…I thinks it is more of a WTF? thing “why are they in that WATER??”

  3. “A police report said the 26-year-old man wanted his dog to join them in the bathroom, but the woman objected on Thursday night”. The fact that he WANTED the dog in there is just freaky weird. I would have objected too!

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