Sister Update: Amy and I haven’t killed each other yet. In fact, we haven’t even had a real fight yet. (It’s more remarkable when you consider that it only took us three days to get into a bitchfest the last time she visited.) She’s been here two weeks and she seems to have settled in well. She’s got a secretarial job working at the Psychiatric Department of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. (Nerdy Sims joke: When Snookums heard about her job, he asked, “How many family friends do we need before she gets to be a Test Subject?”) She’s in the process of moving her blog to a new host, so she hasn’t been updating it lately. It’s good that she’s here, because it forces me to stop taking my time in London for granted. Last weekend she dragged me off to Portobello Road where I fulfilled one of my lifetime shopping ambitions and purchased a pair of white ladies rollerskates (the old-fashioned kind). Now all I need are some pink wheels and shoelaces and I’m set.